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Our beers


The brewing water comes from our own springs. The oldest spring was tapped as a “monastery spring” when the monastery was founded in 1681 and has been used to obtain water ever since.

The brewing barley from the region is processed into brewing malt by our partners Rhön-Malz GmbH (Mellrichstadt), Mälzerei Schubert (Schweinfurt) and Malzfabrik Weyermann (Bamberg).

The fine aroma hops come from the Hallertau and the brewer’s yeast is added as a pure culture.

All our beers are unfiltered .

They contain valuable yeast, protein and minerals.
Bottled only to order. So you always get fresh beer.

Water is the body of beer

The brewing water of volcanic origin is pumped from our own springs. It contains valuable minerals and trace elements that are transferred to the finished beer.

Hops are the spice of beer

Only the finest aroma hops from the Hallertau are added to the beer wort. The hop components influence the aroma, bitterness, foam and shelf life of the beer.

Malt is the soul of beer

On average, 17 kg of malt are required for one hectolitre of beer. The malt influences all characteristics of the beer. Pilsner malt produces light beers, Munich malt produces dark beers.

Yeast is the spirit of beer

Around 0.5 liters of thick mushy yeast (bottom- or top-fermenting) are required for one hectolitre of beer. Choosing the right yeast strain has a major impact on the taste of the beer.


Original wort: 12.5%
Alcohol content: 5.4%
Yeast: bottom-fermented

The secret malt mixture and the intensive mashing process gives our dark beer its strong color and its spicy and full-bodied aroma.


Original wort: 12.5%
Alcohol content: 5.6%
Yeast: bottom-fermented

A gentle mashing process and classic fermentation process result in a finely tart and mild beer in the Pilsener brewing style. Available from mid-February.

Helles Hefe Weizen

Original wort: 12.5%
Alcohol content: 5.6%
Yeast: top-fermented

From May you get this summer treat exclusively at the Klosterschänke, while stocks last


Original wort: 17.5%
Alcohol content: 7.3%
Yeast: bottom-fermented

…stored for a quarter of a year! … only for experienced beer drinkers! Available from November to mid-February.

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