Barrels & Bottles

Unser Bier füllen wir Ihnen

in folgende Fässer ab:

All Party KEG barrels are fitted with a Bavarian tap.

A suitable tap set consisting of fitting vent and tap.
You can buy the tap set for €7.50 or rent it for €2.50.

10 Liter Party-KEG
28,00 €

with Bavarian tapping ♦ barrel deposit 50.00 €

15 Liter Party-KEG
42,00 €

with Bavarian tapping ♦ barrel deposit 50.00 €

20 Liter Party-KEG
56,00 €

with Bavarian tapping ♦ barrel deposit 50.00 €

30 Liter KEG-Fass
84,00 €

with Bavarian tapping ♦ barrel deposit 50.00 €

30 Liter KEG-Fass
84,00 €

Gastro, without Bavarian tapping ♦ Barrel deposit 30.00 €

10, 15 and 20 liter party KEG
with Bay. tapping

30 or 50 liter KEG barrel

All our barrels are equipped with a modern flat fitting system

You can get draft beer at our brewery gate at the following times:

Monday to Friday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m
On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays there is no sale of draft beer and no return of deposit possible!

When stored cold (+8°C), we guarantee that the draft beer will keep for at least 6 weeks.

Siphonflaschen Klosterbier

Siphon bottles for monastery beer

Due to the existing hygiene guidelines, only
IN-HOUSE SIPHO BOTTLES filled or exchanged.


The bottles must be in undamaged condition

3 liter bottles can be exchanged for a 2 liter bottle

Filling into other containers is not possible for hygienic reasons

1 liter bottle with filling: 19 €

2 liter bottle with filling: 28 €

5 liter bottle with filling: 53 €

1 liter filling monastery beer 7 €

2 liter filling monastery beer 12 €

5 liter filling monastery beer 28 €

No deposit bottles – return of the bottles NOT possible.

With the purchase of the siphon bottle, you acquire it as your property.